Erran Bar Shushan

Bio: Computer engineer and web developer since 1994, has devoted his last 17 years for the study of spiritual knowledge, some of the results of this study he published in his website - http://GuideAngel.com. ​​ Curious by nature I was attracted to new technology from a young age, I remember programming the "sinclair", One of the first personal computers produced, it was the in the early '80s, so naturally after my military service, I studied computer science, and immediately after graduation I worked in this field, and to this day, but at the same time I was also attracted to the esoteric secrets from a young age I try to prove or disprove them in scientific ways. When I moved to Canada in 1997, aside my working as websites developer, I had more time to develop the mystic side in me, and I spent much of my free time in-depth study of the spiritual world and its secrets, I found a lot of information and checked them on me and others, to try to verify this information and indeed in many cases I could not prove anything, some of the information is not true, but there are things that by my own testing on me and hundreds of other people, I realized as real, at least statistically. This led me to the discovery of a unique way in analyzing the deep nature of personal evolution based on date of birth, and name and then I invented a way to match people based on analysis their spiritual nature, as a computer programmer and Web sites developer, I use my knowledge in programming, Internet, business, and spirituality to creating a new way of finding the quality connection between people, which will help millions to find a better relationship between them and for example finding true love, as well as using this knowledge to develop self-awareness and spiritual advancing needed for good progress in life endless search for happiness. I now use my researching on hundreds of soulmates couples from all over the world and my spiritual knowledge as a base for the development of a new revolutionizing dating services system for help people all over the world to find real love, through websites, smartphones applications. I have dedicated my life to one thing - help people finding real love the highest form of love - soulmate love !

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