Why couples brake up ?

The main reason for brake ups are the lies.. but why it happen? What are the reasons for this ? Why we lie ?

Well because the Bio Robot ( our body ) that contain us ( our soul ) is forcing us to be sure, we are isolated from the rest, make us think that we can lie and no big deal will come out of it, all for feed its own hidden uncontrolled desires and needs, and this is exactly how the world was created. This is how life are testing us, every day, every moment of our life. Our body have his demands, some may call it our demons… but they are also the angels forces, but because our brain can’t understand the spiritual forces correctly, we are all mix of angels and demons, anyone has his own demons, no one alive is perfect !

Interesting how similar it is in English Demands – Demons.. and even more interesting is that our demons in Hebrew is “שדי”. in English you will say – Shaddai, it is also one of God names… and it is also mean in Hebrew “Woman breast”, indeed without our desires we wouldn’t advance in life.. Woman breast is symbolism of feeding, mother earth feeding us, but also symbolism for sexual desires.. The duality of life is every where, God Angels are also our demons..    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Shaddai

Yes all come from the creator of this world, include our desires.. So how to fix this? How people can stop lies? One way is to get out of the body and make the brain totally understand and 100% sure that we are not our body and we do connected to all the other souls and there is life after the body, and all we do for good and bad are known to every one…

Let go back to the lies… 😉 So it’s like you lie now and then after your body die, you wilol know that every one knows all your did… imagine the shame … This is exactly why the souls who can’t bare the shame in the spiritual world, are in the long line back to life, to try and cover the shame.. We are able to do it, only while we are in life, with good actions of pure love – pure giving, pure giving is altruistic intentions before you give, giving without thinking to get anything out of it.. Try imagin this – With each act of pure love, you cover past sin with Dimond, so when your actions are only pure love actoins, your soul has no stains on her any more and she is shining with dimonds not demons 🙂

So if one is able to give his brain this information then the brain will forget about the common life attitude of ” have fun today cause you don’t know if you’ll live tomorrow “… Personally I did it with OBE , here is link to article in my blog where I wrote and teach about this .. if any one wish to try…https://soulmatelove.wordpress.com/…/comment-page-1/

Other way, is to find some one who has the same desires as you.. well yes this is one of your soul-mate’s ( we all have millions of soulmates, they are all those , in the same soul level with us )… Soulmates see and live life in a very similar way.. They have same tests, to pass or in other words, same demons… When you live in love with a soulmate, you have no reason to lie , cause your love one knows your desires, there is no shame in them, as you have the same demons..

This is why living in love with a soulmate is the best chance you have, to pass over your own demons, together with your soulmate and move upper into the next soul level… This also eliminate another reason for brake up – People change.. Soulmate have the best chances to live in love all their life because most of the times they also move up together into the same life path they also change but they change in the same way.. to their next life, the next tests.. and if they do pass all life can teach them they will also stay together for eternity after the physical death… Indeed many time soulmates die almost in the same time…

When you fall in love with someone who is not in your soul level, they understand life in different way. In time this bring to Inability or unwillingness to talk to each other, lack of confidence and focus on personal problems. In relationship there is no “you” or “I” there is the “we”. Couples should not have secrets and lies, but this good in theory, in reality when couples are not in the same soul levels their desires (life tests) are often to different and this is the core of the problems and they that just grow with time … So it is much better to “Fall in love” with someone Who see life as you, in other words, one of your soulmate, this is the secret of Long-term relationships ~ Guide Angel If you did not found your love, try my new facebook Free app, it Will Show you potential soulmates in any age range any where in the world.. https://apps.facebook.com/findangels/

2 thoughts on “Why couples brake up ?

  1. What about people who have mental disorders? God forgives them their errors and they are forgotten according to the Bible. Some of us are affected terribly by “life tests” and do not see certain lies as “lies”, but rather as genuine attempts to protect those they love, including their soulmates. Life has not been good for me and much of it was controlled by “dark forces” around me. Do you not believe in resurrection? I do, because I believe Jesus, as God’s son, died so all our sins may be forgiven and if we believe in God and in this gift of life through His son, then we all have the promise of being resurrected after death into an everlasting life. If I didn’t believe this, my disorders would kill me. Instead, I receive daily strength to live on and have hope of everlasting life in to a realm where there is no Satan and a life dedicated to God’s ways, all through Jesus’ ransom sacrifice purchased through Jesus’ death.
    Your feelings on this please?


    • So this is what I know and my personal opinion only and I don’t try nor wish to change your religion or belief system !!! We all come back into life as long as we need to keep the purification process, this can only happen while we are in life, in this allegorical image, for every sin we did in this life and our past lives, we need to make good deeds on the same level as our past sins, you can’t remember your past lives but your lives goes back in time till the first man… So in away we are all one, because in the real reality in the upper dimensions, where the creator of the universe is there is no time, it is all one, it is why we are all one and the creator is one there is no me and you or Jesus ( by the way it wasn’t his real name, his name was Yeshua ) So we are all the creator sons as he created the first Man… and it is what Yeshua said . He never told anyone that he is God nor that he is the only son of God… We are all son’s of God, as in everyone of us there is a spark of the creator ( that in hebrew we named it Nefesh), people come to life back again and again to fix their past lives sins, starting from the first sin of Adam. Some times people need to really suffer in life for this, some times it is the parents and families who need to learn, by having disabled kids or horrible situations in the family, suffering and death. you have to understand that from the view point of the souls and the creator, death is liberations, however if you die and didn’t finished to learn all you have came to learn in life, you’ll come back into life, and for simple reason, you’ll not bare the shame in the upper worlds, as every one knows all you did in this life and your past lives, I know this not just from what I have red, but from my own personal experience, when I got out of my body ( you can read about it in my OBE experiences article ).

      Now about Jesus as the one who die for all mankind salvation ( or those who follow him ) personally I don’t accept it for 2 reasons:
      1- I don’t thing he was the Messiah, because when you read the bible, you see that it’s written that when the Messiah will come there will be world peace after and it sure didn’t happen
      2- because if he die for us, then for what we are in life? for what to suffer?
      We have nothing to learn, If you believe in this you better just kill your self and finish your sufferings… I think its false belief and actual type of beliefs that hold you from spiritual advance, as you may think that no matter what sins you’ll do or what happened with you, just cause you follow Jesus you will be saved in heaven.. For me it’s unacceptable, as it remove the personal responsibility for our actions…

      About the lies.. The sins can be hidden only in the lies.. think of it.. after you’ll die everyone will know ALL you did, you’ll pass to the world of absolute truth, as there is no time over there, there is a recording of everything you did, from the moment you born, to the moment you die and all “see” it in a split of seconds, as there is no time… It is hard to understand I know because we are living in time, but try to understand it , and you’ll see that only while we are in life, we can lie and it is exactly for this that God put us here, so we will learn how to pass over our limited brain needs. So yes you can say sometimes it is better to lie, to protect someone else, maybe you are correct to say it, but know this, after we die everyone knows everything anyway ! and life is really short, so is it worth keeping lies ? it is sure totally up to you , I will not go into your personal life, and I am not here to judge anyone, no one in life is perfect…


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